Privacy policy

Dear customer,

in order to process your purchase order we need to collect and use your personal information. We collect, store and use personal data in accordance with the slovak Data Protection Act No. 122/2013, and it is only used to complete your purchase order and for contacting purposes.

  1. Details about the operator of the e-shop

    The operator of the e- shop is:

    WBR spol. s r.o, a business registered in Slovakia under the registration No. 45 899 673 (tax registration No. SK 2023126919), whose registered office is at Willermova 562/10, 949 01 NITRA-Slovakia and is represented by Ing. Jaroslava Rusková- managing director
    (hereafter referred to as ,,the Operator“)

  2. The purpose of the personal data collection

    The Operator collects and processes your personal information about customers for the following purposes:
    • to make a record of your purchase order via the e-shop
    • to confirm your purchase order and further process it
    • to issue an invoice in line with the Slovak tax legislation ( Act No. 222/2014)
    • to deliver purchased goods to the address the customer provides
    • to respond to your inquiries and address your complaints
    • for marketing purposes
    • to keep record of the customers for administrative purposes
    • with your agreement, to contact you about promotional offers, discounts and new products
      to manage the club membership (if applicable)

  3. The list of personal data we collect and process

    1) The Operator processes the personal data in line with the current slovak data protection legislation, agreements and other documents of the Operator. The extent to which the personal data are used in the documents, letters, announcements, and any other written or oral communication between the Operator and the customer is stated in art. 3, par. 2.
    2) The Operator processes the following personal data::
    • College degree
    • Name and Surname
    • Address (Postal Details)
    • Date of Birth
    • Contact Information (phone number, e-mail address)
    • Purchase order information
    • Bank connection or payment card details
    3) In case the Operator uses personal information beyond the scope of art. 3, par. 1 of this document, it does so only to the extent necessary to ensure meeting its obligations arising from the purchase agreement.

  4. The collection of the Data

    1) The Operator obtains personal information about customers without consent only to the extent necessary to fulfill its obligations arising from the purchase agreement and only in line with art. 10, par. 3, lett. b) of the cited Data Protection Act and following legislation.
    2) The customer gives the consent to use the personal data enumerated in art. 3, par. 2 voluntarily in order to enable the Operator to fulfil its obligations arising from the purchase agreement.
    3) The customer must be aware that his/her personal data can be disclosed to a third party ( i.e carrier companies, accounting companies, etc.) in order for the Operator to fulfill its obligations arising from the purchase agreement.
    4) The Operator stores personal data only for the time necessary to fulfill its obligations arising from the purchase agreement and public legislation.
    5) The personal information used for marketing purposes and for the club membership are collected in line with art. 11 of the cited Data Protection Act and following legislation. The customer gives his/her explicit consent in the process of making a purchase order either via the e-shop or via other means of communication, and/or when applying for the club membership card. This consent has indefinite duration and can be withdrawn at anytime by the customer. The withdrawal must take a written form. Upon withdrawal the consent will expire in 1 – months - time from its delivery and subsequently all the personal data will be deleted and destroyed.

  5. Passing Your Personal Data on to Third Parties

    1) The Operator has the right to disclose personal information, to which the customer gave consent to third parties with the intent to increase the quality of the goods and services provided and eventually to increase the customenrs´satisfaction.
    2) The Operator has the right to disclose personal information to a mediator in line with art. 8 of the cited Data Protection Act and following legislation.

  6. Disclosing Your Personal Data to the Public

    1) The Operator does not make the personal information public.

  7. Information on Your Rights

    1) The customer has a right to require from the Operator:
    • a confirmation whether or not his/her personal data are processed
    • information about processing of his/her personal data in the information system according to art.15, par. 1, lett. a) – e), line 2-6 of the cited Data Protection Act; In case of a court order, he/she has the right to be fully informed about the processing and evaluating procedures.
    • detailed information about the source that provided his/her personal data
    • detailed and comprehensible list of the personal data which are being processed
    • correction or destruction of incorrect, incomplete or invalid information, which are being stored and processed
    • destruction of personal data, usage of which was limited to a certain purpose and the purpose was served; in case official documents have been processed he/she has a right for those documents to be returned
    • destruction of the personal data in case of a breach of law
    • to seal off his/her personal during the time period between receiving the withdrawal of consent until the withdrawal entering validity.
    2) The customer has the right to express objections against:
    • the processing of his/her personal data, which he/she assumes to be or in the future might be used for direct marketing without his/her consent and require their destruction.
    • the use of his/her personal data mentioned in art. 10, par. 3, lett. d) of the cited Act for the purposes of direct marketing via mail or direct marketing.
    3) The customer can also object against the processing of his/her personal data in cases mentioned in art. 10, par. 3, lett. a), e), f) or g) of the cited Act, if he/she assumes that his/her rights were in any way breached; Supposing the assumptions turned out to be true, the customer has the right to require for his/her personal information to be immediately destroyed.
    4.) The customer may exercise those rights:
    • in a written request per email or fax which is delivered within 3 days of its send off
    • personaly via the form of a written and signed record paper, a copy of which is received by both parties: the Operator and the customer
    • through a mediator in line with the legislation, who is then obliged to send the request to the Operator without any further delay.

    5) In case of any suspicion that his/her privacy rights are violated, the customer is entitled to iniciate legal proceedings.
    6) In the event, that the customer cannot execute his/her rights, the right passes on to the close relatives.
    7) The customer is the only liable in line with art. 16, par. 1 of the cited Act for not providing truthfull or valid personal information.

  8. The accountability of the Operator

    1) The Operator is not in any way responsible for the misuse of personal data by the Third Party, which aquired access to them illegally.
    2) The responsibility of the Operator for the breach of individual provisions of the cited Act and the Act No. 84/2014 is regulated by the same legislation.


Pursuant to the art. 11 of the Data Protection Act No. 122/2013 and following I hereby give my consent to processing of my personal data to WBR s.r.o, with registered office at Willermova 562/10, 949 01 Nitra – Slovakia, (reg. number 45 899 673) for marketing purposes. I also agree for my personal data to be disclosed to third parties.

I hereby declare that I was, in line with art. 15 par. 1 fully informed about the privacy terms and conditions of the Operator.