The summer season is in full swing. What about your teeth?

The summer season is in full swing. What about your teeth?

Do you know why the dentists in every oral hygiene commercial recomend products to neutralize pH in your mouth?

The summer has finally kicked in and the dietician experts recomend to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and vegetable daily, to drink fruit juices or eat salads, usually served with vinegar- based dressings.

What do your teeth have to say to all this?

Well, you may be surprised. The acids, usually present in sodas, izotonic drinks, fresh fruits, etc. gradually corrode tooth enamel. It results in the tooth being more prone to mechanical damage. One bite can easily brake it.
Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body,  however it has no vanes and therefore gets no nutrition from blood, once it is damaged it will not heal.

What are the first signs of enamel erosion?

  • Oddly enough the teeth look healthier, because the enamel damage make your teeth look whiter;
  • The teeth are sensitive to hot and cold
  • The tips of the teeth are translucent
  • There are cracks visible on the tooth surface.

In the later stage the teeth have a yellow discoloration, which is caused by the dentin that becomes visible.


  • Drink fresh water to support the adequate production of saliva, which protects the tooth from being damaged by acids;
  • Use straws to drink fruit juices and soft drinks;
  • Restrain from brushing teeth immediately after meals. The enamel is very sensitive after eating and might be mechanically damaged.

In a neutral environment tooth enamel can stay undamaged for a very long time, Excavations are a proof that in a neutral soil the enamel can survive even for thousands of years.

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