How to use the Soladey ION5

Zubná kefka Soladey-eco


We start with the tongue

The tongue definitely must be paid attention to when taking care of teeth and the mouth. Moisten the bristles of the titanium dioxide rod with water (without the use of toothpaste) and start to clean your tongue from the tongue root to its tip. The bristles will gather remnants of bacteria and acid, so they must be thoroughly washed off before brushing the teeth. After cleaning the tongue, less germs remain in the mouth, so now you can proceed to clean your teeth.

Cleaning of teeth

Run the toothbrush bristles over your teeth in the way you are used to when using a conventional toothbrush. Clean each tooth surface for about ten seconds. Do not use much pressure, concentrate on lightly touching the teeth with the bristles .

Toothbrush care

After cleaning your teeth always make sure that the titanium dioxide rod is clean. If you live in a place where the water is hard, occasionally pull the handle out from the head and clean the semiconductor rod with an ordinary toothbrush. After 2 to 3 months of use, we recommend replacing the head of the toothbrush.

A Touch of Light

Be sure that enough light falls on the titanium dioxide rod. The brighter the light is, the better the results obtained. If you feel that your saliva is slightly foamed, it means that you are using the toothbrush correctly. If you lack the sense of fresh breath after cleaning your teeth with a Soladey-eco toothbrush, we recommend that you use a mouthwash. The same effect can be made by a few drops of natural peppermint or oregano oil. Toothpaste may prevent the access of light and thus prevent the ionic reaction.


For cleaning teeth, saliva is enough, but we do not recommend cleaning the tongue without a source of running water that is necessary to rinse the bristles.

It is easy to have healthy teeth!