How I had to cancel my dental hygiene sessions.

How I had to cancel my dental hygiene sessions.

Everyone of us has trifles, which to some may appear superficial and pointless, but are important to us. For me its the ritual of burning incense sticks, the habit of buying indoor plants and the dental hygiene every 6 months, which I am going to tell you about now.

Half a year in between the dental hygiene sessions is a period that dentists aren´t usually willing to shorten. But which I would shorten to at least 2 months. Just because of the feeling of really clean teeth and shining smile.

As you may imagine, I was always looking forward to the day of my dental hygiene, however this time was different. I had cancelled the appointment after just 2 days of using Soladey eco toothbrush. At first sight it looked like an ordinary brush, simple, without any special trick to it. I rolled my eyes at the information that it cost 20€. I literaly told myself that I wouldn´t have payed 5€ for it.  At the same time I was curious about this special present I got. Well at that time I had no idea that in three days I was gonna buy it for my whole family. But first things first. I assumed that for the price of 20€ the brush had to have at least a small camera to identify tooth caries or some kind of 3-minute brushing timer. The reality was totally different.

I brought that ,,miracle brush“ home and started using it according to the instructions. Light and water. This brush needs just light and water. Especially light. No toothpaste? Strange. Disgusting. But Ok, I was going to give it a try. Apparently toothpase stops the light penetration, which this brush needs for good functioning. So, I pointed all the bulbs in the bathroom at my face and started brushing as usual. I am not going to describe what was happening in my mouth during the next 3 minutes, but the result was shocking. In a good way of course. After 3 minutes of toothbrushing I had the same feeling of clean teeth as after half an hour of tormenting dental hygiene. I read afterwards that the light activated titan stick inside the brush was generating negative ions which chemically reacted with positive ions of dental plaque on my teeth and caused it to dissolve. It left a neutral environment in my mouth.

The plaque vanished without a hard mechanical brushing and literaly out of all the spaces. After just one brushing my teeth looked whiter and they get whiter with every single brushing with Soladey-eco brush. I compensate the missing ,,mentol fresh“ taste with a mouth rinse after each brushing. I have experienced bleeding gums, especially in the first weeks of using it ( I had not had such problems before) and metal aftertaste.

At the time of writing this article I have been using the brush for over a month. All the initial inconveniences have retreated and the oral environment has improved so much that I no longer experience the aftertaste after brushing. So I don´t use the mouth rinse anymore. One month is too short a period to tell if my teeth got healthier in terms of tooth decay, but I can surely see the whiter smile. I also found out that you do not have to buy a new brush every 3 months. It has detachable heads which u can easily switch for new ones which cost 20€ for a package of 4. Besides this, all my previous dental companions like dental thread, toothpaste and regular dental hygiene sessions are history now.

I would also like to talk about my 4 year old son, who is not willing to give brushing more than 30 seconds and whose teeth were literaly impossible to clean properly. Thanks to the reaction the plaque dissolves quicker and even without the right brushing technique your child can get clean teeth. I recommend it to all mothers, who want to take proper care of the most important smile in the world.

Oddly enough, I have to make another appointment with my dentist. You ask why? Well, after one month of using Soladey eco brush my own teeth got that much whiter than my artificial ones that I have to get them replaced for whiter ones :)

I am sure that you are going to fall in love with Soladey-eco just like I have, because it not only preserves healthy and shining smile, it also saves you money and is eco-friendly.