How Soladey ION5 works?

Zubná kefka Soladey-eco

Thanks to the revolutionary technology your smile will be healthier and whiter than ever!

The exceptionality of the revolutionary toothbrush consists in the activation of a titanium dioxide rod by light. There is an ion reaction which neutralizes the acid in mouth. Dental plaque is disintegrated without any need for scrubbing and is perfectly removed.

1) The light incident on the solar panel generates electrons. These are moving along the electric wire from the negative pole towards the semi-conductor.

2) The light incident on the wet semi-conductor generates electrons. Together with the electrons generated thanks to the solar panel, all these negatively charged ions get inside the oral cavity by saliva (the wet source is thus necessary for the reaction to take place).

3) In the oral cavity, the electrons get into con-tact with positively charged hydrogen ions from the acids contained in dental plaque, as a result of which dental plaque is disintegrated.

4) Thanks to this reaction, dental plaque can be more easily removed and the cleaning by a tooth-brush is more effective. This results in healthier teeth and gums.

It has been scientifically proved that Soladey ION5 removes more dental plaque than a standard toothbrush.

The Soladey ION5 toothbrush is sold with the SOFT head. Spare heads Soladey ION5 are available in four types:

  • MEDIUM - for adults and children over 7/8 years
  • SOFT - an alternative for people with sensitive gums
  • TAPERED - a soft head with elongated bristles which helps to clean interdental spaces
  • CHILD - a head for children up to 7/8 years