High level of dental care

Zubná kefka Soladey-eco


The revolutionary Soldaey-eco toothbrush with its revolutionary technology ensures perfectly clean and healthy teeth. Due to its unique technology, your teeth will be more resistant to harmful effects. Research shows that an ionic toothbrush is more effective in removing plaque than ordinary toothbrushes.

It restores the natural whiteness of teeth, effectively removes discoloration caused by tobacco, tea or coffee. It is also suitable for cleaning of dentures and braces. Activity of bacteria on the teeth and gums results in a serious disease - periodontitis. This is marked by several stages. Initially, pain and inflammation of the gums occurs, followed by attack of the entire tooth supporting apparatus. Teeth, as they lose their stability, begin to fall out after some time. The Soladey-eco reduces the risk of gum disease and eliminates unpleasant odours of the mouth.